Why i am here

I am going to explain Why i am here. I am Pradip AleMgr. My real/legal name is Pradip Ale Magar. I have created a short form of my surname, Ale Magar, as AleMgr, which is widely recognized on online platforms. It is the name I use to introduce myself online. Many people associate me with this name because it is used consistently across all of my social media profiles.

I am a professional graphic designer and the owner of a graphic design and printing shop located in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been providing graphic design services since 2015. My business is called G+ PRiNT, which is a sub-company of my main company, Graphic Plus Pvt. Ltd.

I am providing web designing and developing service to local customers. and i am also providing shared hosting services to them.

While I have established a strong brand presence offline, I believe it is important to expand online as well. The online platform offers unlimited opportunities, and I believe my skills and experience have a wide scope there. To showcase my skills and experiences, I have created this website as my main portfolio page. Additionally, I am planning to create sub-websites associated with specific areas of my work, all linked to the main website. This will allow me to share my expertise and provide more targeted information to visitors.

And i am a Movies and series enthusiast also. I do review also you can read my review and get Recommendations at Pradip AleMgr – Movies

I am excited about the potential for growth and the possibilities that the online platform presents. With this approach, I aim to leverage my experience, skills, and expand my reach. I will also continue to explore further opportunities for expansion. Thank you for visiting my website

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