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Pujar Sarki

Social Drama, Comedy

DirectorDinesh Raut
CastAryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, Paul Shah, Anjana Baraili, Pariksha Limbu
Release dates23 May 2024
2h 18m
Producer Kingdom Network
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Pujaar Sarki
Do you still believe in Nepal’s caste system? Do you consider lower caste and upper caste? How do you deal with Dalit people these days?

I want to say that Pujar Sarki movie is a purely artistic creation. The makers of this movie have done an excellent job. Based on our own original story, this movie has succeeded in portraying the dark side of Nepali society. We say we are all equal, we human beings are all the same, we don’t have any standards but in actual practice we don’t apply it properly. Even now we are dealing with untouchability and discrimination as before. This practice has been going on for a long time and it is not that easy to remove it completely. To remove this caste violence, this movie is seen to play a positive role in the society to some extent.

I believe that this movie is successful in conveying the message that we should eliminate the superstitions that have been held since ancient times in our generation.

In this movie, V.S. It has depicted the Nepalese village society since 2046. Even though I didn’t get to experience what the society was like at that time, it doesn’t matter that the situation of caste discrimination was the same as shown in the movie even after 1 decade. During the Panchayat period, although I could not experience it myself, I had always heard that such a system was used.

In the past, since the beginning of the revolution, the communists raised the slogan of ending the caste system in the name of revolution, but it seems that they only used the slogan to increase the membership and strength of their party by showing hope to the people of the Dalit community. It has been seen that gradually the communists have also forgotten their principles which they raised themselves as opportunists. And until recently, caste discrimination has not been completely eradicated.

It is impossible for any movie to be perfect, there are weaknesses in all of them, but it is a good thing that the audience can watch this kind of movie from the Nepali film industry. I also used to think that there are plenty of original stories of our own, why Nepali filmmakers don’t raise their own originality. This Pujaar Sarki movie has been able to portray this caste issue on the screen very well.

This is a multi-starrer movie. As soon as it is a multi-star movie, the screen time of everyone will definitely be shared. Aryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, Paul Shah, Anjana Baraily and Pariksha Limbu are in the lead roles. Especially Pradeep Khadka’s role and his performance is more attractive than others. Every time he is seen on the screen it is fun and makes you want to watch more. There is nothing bad about this movie, but it is covered by other good points. The direction, story, screenplay of this movie has been praised. I don’t really care if the song is not in this movie, but the song is good. Not only is this but the whole album good.

If you have time and want to watch Pujar Sarki and Farki Farki, the two movies that have been released on the same day since June 10th, then I would like to suggest you to watch Pujar Sarki. I am confident that only these 2 films can achieve good success and until today 12th Saturday, only 2 films are achieving good audience attendance.

Today, while watching this movie, I got a chance to see Pradeep Khadka live, maybe I had a chance to meet him before. Today Anjana Baraili and Pariksha Limbu were also present in the cinema hall along with her.
If you want to watch a movie based on some new science fiction story instead of an original Nepali story, you can watch Anmol KC’s “Farki Farki” movie. If you want to read the review of the movie in detail, you can read it here.

*spoiler warning*
In the end, the ending of this movie may upset some people and make them wonder what happened. When I myself was leaving the hall, I heard many people saying what is what. Pujar and Maite died in the end in this movie and even after that, Meghraj continued the campaign of caste vivebhad even though he was out of the box and till today he continues to do so even in his old age. Why does this movie want you to ask us, has caste discrimination ended?

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