UEFA Euro 2024 Group Stage Final matches - Group A (Half Time)

UEFA Euro 2024 Group Stage Final matches - Group D (Half Time)

France vs Poland

In this Group D France was in second position. Netherland was in first position because of Goal score. Netherlands and France had won 1/1 match and 1 draw between themselves. Therefore match won number is same but Netherlands had scored 1 goal more than France so Netherland was in first position.

Before 1st half Netherlands concede 1 goal from Austria so now Austria in 1st position of Group and France is in Second and Netherlands gone down to 3rd position.

France had a Rooster on logo. France’s boys Always proves that they are like Rooster they run faster than Normal human being. Every time while they got ball on foot they creates a tension to opponents, all of football fans of stadium and we digital audiences.

This time UEFA Euro 2024 is not for Poland because they already lost 2 matches continuously so that if Poland wins this match they can’t be eligible to stay in this tournaments. They don’t have hope of best four 3rd position also.

I personally feeling very bad for Robert Lewandowski. He is at the age of 35. May be this is last Euro cup for him. Last tournament in life doesn’t means to win the tournament because there are some best players are at the age of over career. It’s not possible to win the game by all of them at same time. But i wish they could stay more in this tournament. Going home from group stage is feels me some kind bad.

Austria vs Netherlands

I am not watching this match because i can watch only one game at a time. Both matches are happening same time so i follow only score. Till first half Austria able to score 1 goal over Netherlands.

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