Euro 2024 Group Stage Final matches - Group A (Full Time)

UEFA Euro 2024 Group Stage Final matches - Group A (Full Time)

Germany vs Switzerland

In group A Germany was leading but after conceding 1 goal from Switzerland now Germany was in second position and Switzerland was leading until Germany not able to score. Switzerland’s goal was hit by Ndoye in 28 minutes of match started.  If Germany couldn’t beat Switzerland in 2nd half. Switzerland will go to round 16 with first position and Germany will be runner up. Germany was already qualified for knockout round.

Germany was performing well and occupied ball more than 70% and they scored 1 goal but this goal is not given by VAR. Because Musiala’s accidental foul.

Today’s match was quite good for both team and fans. Both team performed well. Both team scored valid 1-1 goal and invalid 1-1 goal. In comparison both team are lucky or unlucky at same time. I know i can’t be a neutral to review and criticize game while Team Germany is present because I support team Germany. Today Switzerland played very well even ball occupancy is far more than them but when they got ball they are able to give somehow tension to Team Germany and their supporters. In the same case Germany has more ball occupancy but they can’t create a good chances. They are not able to create serious pressure also. At the end of time luck power works for Germany and able to hit the goal. At 90+2 minutes Füllkrug hit header to the goalpost.

Finally Germany bring match to draw points. Which helped to be on the top of Group A. This match is not most important to win for Germany because they are already qualified for Round 16. By this match draw points Germany went to Round 16 with first position and Switzerland went to Round 16 with Runner up position.

Scotland vs Hungary

Before 1st half time this match had been nothing points were changed. Because non of team able to score any goal. But after 2nd half Hungary able to score against Scotland and become 3rd position in Group A. But unfortunately Hungary is not qualified for Round 16 yet. Because they lost already 2 matches. If others group’s 3rd position team’s points are in less than Hungary then Hungary also can go to Round 16. But at this time I am seeing very hard to be qualified.

I can’t say nothing more about this match because i didn’t watched this match because both matches are happened at same time.

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