UEFA EURO 2024 Group-A Table

UEFA EURO 2024 : Group A

In this table, you can see the game progress of the teams in UEFA EURO 2024 : Group A. This group includes four teams: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, and Switzerland. The table displays these four teams’ progress in numerical and sign format. For ease of understanding, I have provided some hints and explanations.

How to understand standings table in football game?

I have prepared the standings table for the UEFA European Football Championship group stage as follows:

  1. Flag icon along with country name.
  2. Last game played. Meaning of sign is:
    i. Tick mark sign in blue dot for won the game.
    ii. Dash sign in Green dot for draw the game.
    iii. Cross sign in red dot for loss the game.
    iv. Gray dot for not played and soon to play the game.
  3. Pts (Points) : This number is accrued points by the team which is gain by playing match.
    i. If team wins the match they will get 3 Pts.
    ii. If they finish game in draw position they will get 1 Pts.
    iii. If they lost the match they will get nothing.
  4. MP means Matches Played.
  5. W stands for Won.
  6. D stands for Draw.
  7. L stands for Loss.
  8. GF means Goals For or Goals Scored.
  9. GA means Goals Against (number of goals conceded by a team)
  10. GD means Goal Difference. (Sometimes GD also helps to determine which team is leading when the points are the same.)
  11. QUALIFIED section is for indicates that these teams are qualified for round 16 (Knockout Stage).

Analysis the game play of Group A in Euro Cup 2024.

In this table, we can see that Germany is in the first position and has already qualified for the Round of 16. After winning the last two games consecutively against Scotland and Hungary, Germany has qualified for the Knockout Round. Germany is the first team to enter round 16. Germany still has one game to play in the group stage. The last game will be against Switzerland.

Here, we can see that all four teams have played 2 games, and each has one game remaining as shown in the signs and MP section.

The two tick marks and the number 2 in the W section for Germany indicate that Germany won 2 games, with victories against Scotland (5-1) and Hungary (2-0). In total, we can see 7 goals scored in the GF section and 1 goal in the GA section, meaning Germany conceded 1 goal. The goal difference for Germany is 6.

The 1 tick mark and 1 dash with the number 1/1 in the W and D sections of Switzerland’s row indicate that Switzerland got a victory against Hungary (3-1) and had 1 draw with Scotland (1-1). In total, we can see 4 goals scored in the GF section and 2 goals in the GA section, meaning Switzerland conceded 2 goals. The goal difference for Switzerland is 2.

In Scotland’s row, we can see 1 loss sign and 1 draw. Scotland lost the 1st match to Germany (5-1) and achieved draw points against Switzerland (1-1). In total, we can see 2 goals scored in the GF section and 6 goals in the GA section, meaning Scotland conceded 6 goals. The goal difference for Scotland is -4.

In Hungary’s row, we can see 2 loss signs. Hungary lost both of their last 2 matches to Switzerland (1-3) and Germany (0-2). In total, we can see 1 goal scored in the GF section and 5 goals in the GA section, meaning Hungary conceded 5 goals. The goal difference for Hungary is -4.

Upcoming matches

Monday, June 24, 2024 (Tomorrow)
00:45 AM
1. Germany vs Switzerland
2. Scotland vc Hungary

Euro 2024 Group-A-Upcoming-matches

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