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First of all, I would like to thank you. I am very glad to have you here. I hope I can fulfill your desire for knowledge about Nepal. I am trying to do my best, even though I am not a professional writer or historian. However, I have had a keen interest in this topic since childhood.

In school, every student must learn about the history of Nepal as social studies are taught in every school. During history class, I paid more attention than in other subjects, and I am very curious about it.

All the articles are written by me with the help of the internet. We all faced COVID-19 in 2020, and during the lockdown, I got the opportunity to spend some time on this topic. This thought came to my mind again because of our Prime Minister at that time, Sir K.P. Sharma Oli. He recently published a new political map of our country, adding Lipulekh.

I am very happy to have the golden chance to research the history of our proud country, Nepal. Now, I am excited to share what I found. When I started researching, I found many clues and pieces of information. I was confused about what is true and what is false, making it hard to verify authentic facts. I am presenting what I found based on my research, deciding on true facts by cross-referencing information from various platforms and writers.

I would like to suggest not to fully believe any articles, including mine, because history is distant from us. Real incidents may or may not have happened; nobody is immortal, and no one saw these events with their own eyes. People can accurately recount events from 100 to 200 years ago based on personal experiences or information from older generations, but not older than that. No one is alive who experienced those times.

I have presented the information in several parts for easy reading. Reading the entire article in one sitting may not be reader-friendly. Feel free to read it in your free or short time, taking breaks at intervals. You can continue reading from where you left off, similar to watching web series episodes. I have created episodes based on the time frame of incidents in Nepal.

Do you know you can read it in Nepali language also ?

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